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What is a Copyright?
Is usually thought of as a book, poem, movies, or music. Yet there are many other items that you can copyright. For example, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, computer software, and industrial designs.

You can obtain a copyright for any original artistic, literary, dramatic, musical, choreographic, pictorials, graphic, sculptural, motion pictures, sound recordings, architectural works, and compilations and derivative works based on any of the above items.

Copyright Registration:
Upon creating your work, you have a “common-law copyright”. To obtain maximum protection of your work, you should file an application for Federal Registration by filing an application with the U.S. Copyright Office. The filing fee is extremely low (currently $35.00 if you use the online registration system). If you obtain a copyright registration, your registration extends to 70 years past your death.

How the Badanes Law Office Helps You:
The Badanes Law Office can help you with filing your copyright application or in protecting your copyright. If your copyright has been infringed (that is copied by another company or individual), we will protect your copyright rights through negotiation and if necessary copyright litigation.

If you need help in obtaining a copyright or in copyright litigation, contact Long Island intellectual property attorney David P. Badanes today at the Badanes Law Office.


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